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Morricone In Love

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Je t'aime...Serge Gainsbourg

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Darlene Mietrich: the One who Didn't Make It To Hollywood

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Saw Saturdays performance & had my heart melted by four beautiful people in an enclosed space for £3.50. Walked around afterwards glowing. Thank you. Star rating: ***** Noel Clements, Stratford-upon-Avon

'Cest magnifique' If ever I was ever to be stuck in a lift, there would be no other – none – than this company to be stuck with. ***** Neil Hyardt, Edinburgh

SO enjoyable - and I was sober! Best part was watching all the guys in the 2nd act! Classic! ***** Alicia Guh, Perth, Western Australia

The show was amazing, her voice was terrific, the set looked enchanting. WONDERFUL. Also, very sexy. Loved the interactive bits best! **** Kiki, London

Tres bien! Very different, entertaining - shame about the drunk idiot!

**** Alex, Edinburgh

Reaffirms those forgotten, yet important things in life: Can I say 'richly kitsch'? Well that's what it is - so intimate…but lets say orgy rather than one to one. John Beloo, Achnanure

Brilliant music, more of this please! **** Anita, Edinburgh

I really liked the meloncholic tone, it just fit, thanks a lot! ***** Barbara, Vienna

Very entertaining and different. *** Anon

Serge is a god, we need more Serge. Dan Skinner, London

Absolutely fab, great! 5*s. C Clarke, Dumfries

An uplifting experience, something different, very enjoyable! F Hutton-Kelly

Energetic, different! Fun. V Mill

Mesmerising. 4*s Mal Ross, Newcastle

Very good, could be longer. 7/10 Leon Burmer, Edinburgh

Interesting, well performed. Tammy, Edinburgh

Good fun and a laugh. Lorena, Glasgow

Need more like it - life's all about fun (+sex!) Derek, Ireland

Cool Anon

Je t'aime le cite de la lumiere. Bob Oryer, London

Lovely voice, great style. *** Felicity, London

Totally amazing + original, plus lovely voices. 5*'s Sarah, Edinburgh

Wonderful. Viva Serge! Wanted more! 4*s Paul Glasgow

Great!!! Fantastic voices and great music... 4*'s C King, Edinburgh

Really beautiful and magic. 5*s Chris Edinburgh

A bit mad, loopy, enjoyable. Sophie Hart, Sterling

Lovely & Stylish! 5*s James, London


Really funny, sexy, great musicians. 4*'s Tony, Glasgow

Trés Bon! Janis Cross, London

Good fun, very original. **** M Butler, London

Truly wonderful! Really wonderful. Smiled the whole way through! ***** Heather Burton

Superb - Serge was great acoustics! Anon

Truly Fab! ***** I Staniland

Excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. ***** Tessa Haring, Edinburgh

Absolutely excellent, highly entertaining and extremely fun. Thank you. ***** Toby, South-end-on-sea