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Morricone In Love

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Je t'aime...Serge Gainsbourg

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Darlene Mietrich: the One who Didn't Make It To Hollywood

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Soho Theatre, 5-7th November 7, 9 and 10pm.

Following a sell out run in the 5065 Lift, Pleasance Courtyard Edinburgh 2003, this hit transfers to Soho Theatre. A tribute to the late, great Serge Gainsbourg, this show will bring life to his music and lyrical genius, sadly often missed by a British audience. Some of his most exquisite pieces were his beautifully crafted duets, inspired by his relationships with various muses (Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and his daughter Charlotte). Here we explore a few of them. He effortlessly reflects the tensions, passion and above all the comedy that exists in relationships.

Underneath a glitter ball with soft disco lights, four performers in 70's evening wear - what better environment than an intimate corner Soho Theatre to explore the intimate, kitsch, comic and deeply sensual world of the French legend.

Songs will be performed by two members of cult pop band Electronic Eye Machine: Peter Brewis (guitar) and Laura Staniland (keyboards). Fiona Staniland and Toby Mace will sing. Paul Betts makes a special guest appearance on percussion.

Written, directed and choreographed by Fiona Staniland for f'eatre.

Edinburgh Reviews:

"Saw Saturdays performance & had my heart melted by four beautiful people in an enclosed space for £3.50. Walked around afterwards glowing. Thank you. Star rating: ***** Noel Clements, Stratford-upon-Avon"

"C'est magnifique' If ever I was ever to be stuck in a lift, there would be no other - none - than this company to be stuck with ***** Neil Hyardt, Edinburgh"

"SO enjoyable - and I was sober! Best part was watching all the guys in the 2nd act! Classic! - ***** Alicia Guh, Perth, Western Australia"

"The show was amazing, her voice was terrific, the set looked enchanting. WONDERFUL. Also, very sexy. Loved the interactive bits best! **** Sarah Barnes, London"

Serge... is part of LIBERATED THEATRE, Soho Writers Festival 2003 an In a coming-at-you-from-every-which-way Mardi Gras of new writing and spontaneous performance, we liberate theatre, bust the boundary between what's real and what's not to bring performers and audiences closer together and engage at a more personal level."

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