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Morricone In Love

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Je t'aime...Serge Gainsbourg

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Darlene Mietrich: the One who Didn't Make It To Hollywood

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f'eatre's latest and ongoing project is now simply known as Serge...The Musical. It has developed from a series of vignettes since Spring 2003, which seem now to be metamorphosing into full-length piece of musical theatre."

"I never set out to develop a musical! I have been in love with Serge since I was 6 years old when I heard the beautiful strings of Je t'aime... moi non plus in the back of my Dads' car and came over all funny. Whilst I have been performing Serge songs as part of my repertoire for many years, as any true fan, I would always have thought it crass for anyone to attempt to produce a 'Serge show' which simply tried in vain (and vainly) to recreate what Serge, Jane B, Brigitte Bardot et al did. I mean who could do it better than them?" + String.fromCharCode(34) + " FS"

"The circumstances would have to be unique and somehow inevitable. Then it happened - f'eatre were asked to submit an idea for a show which could be performed in a Lift - yes a real lift - Edinburgh's smallest and quirkiest ever venue for the 2003 Festival. And that was that.... Help! I’m Stuck In A Lift With a Glitterball, Two Musicians and a Couple Performing Serge Gainsbourg Duets was born. Such a success was the show that Soho Theatre invited f'eatre to perform it during Liberated Theatre, cabaret style in Cafe Lazeez."

"We couldn’t believe it, we had couples dancing La Decadanse on the tables and tonnes of French people turned up and loved it! I was so flattered when one girl made a request and carried on speaking really quickly in French, thinking I was French. I think part of the fun is that we are all in fact English. Toby (Serge) couldn't speak 5 words of French and it was hilarious knowing that - especially when he did a spontaneous English translation of Je t'aime... in a French accent. Serge would have been so proud that it went down so well in London... he was heartbroken never to have broken the market here."

"He was such a poetical genius you don't even need to speak French to understand his songs - they sound like what they mean. I mean this man is a God in France." + String.fromCharCode(34) + " FS"

"f'eatre are now looking into developing the show for a commercial run. Watch this space and click here if you might like to become one of the shows sponsors and or would like to find out more about f'eatre.